Atlanta Creates The Nation’s Largest Free Food Forest


The Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill is the first city-owned and managed food forest. The seven-acre lot is being transformed into an edible landscape.

The food forest, located in southeast Atlanta, will produce a wide variety of fresh, flavorful, and healthy nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms, which will become available for public consumption.

“Access to green space and healthy foods is very important. And that’s a part of our mission,” says Michael McCord, a certified arborist and expert edible landscaper who helps manage the forest.

“We host lots of students for field trips, and for a lot of them, it’s their first time at a garden or farm or forest. So here they get to experience everything urban agriculture and urban forestry all in one day. It’s really special.”

More than 1,000 volunteers help to plant, water and maintain the food forest. In a day alone, there can be more than 50 volunteers working on the forest.

“It’s really a park for everyone, said Atlanta city councilwoman Carla Smith. “Every time I go there’s a community there who respects and appreciates the fresh healthy foods. There’s a mentality there that people know to only take what they need.”